ledwork presented at SaloneSatellite 2014. 

It was great meeting you, we're looking forward to next year's edition! All'anno prossima!

If you were unable to visit our stand, but are interested in the ledwork project, get in touch with us at info@ledwork.org


ledwork are highly tangible autonomous lights that respond to touch and movement. 

Connected together, they form a swarm of light in which new patterns constantly emerge.

This invites to observe, explore and construct new physical configurations.

ledwork's dynamic presence challenges the concept of light.


Ledwork creators

Teun Verkerk Teun Verkerk

Interactive art & architecture

Thomas Van Oekelen Thomas Van Oekelen

Product design & electronics

Cees-Willem Hofstede Cees-Willem Hofstede

Software design & engineering

Tom Goijer Tom Goijer

Interactive product design


A big thanks goes out to everyone who has helped us realise some amazing results over the years. We are especially grateful to Fons van den Berg, Marieke Dijksma, Iris van Loon, Merijn Pen, Karim de Waard and Frank Boeree, without whom ledwork would not have been what it is today.


Contact ledwork

Are you interested in buying ledwork or working with us?

Please get in touch with us via info@ledwork.org. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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